Polyurea Floor Coating vs. Epoxy

There is a multitude of advantages and differences when talking about polyurea floor coating vs. epoxy. Epoxy was all the craze to cover and protect your floor until recently when Polyurea was developed and used in mass amounts of projects. Polyurea is a two-component coating that has been derived from isocyanate and amine resin components. This chemical reaction provides us with the most durable concrete floor coating to date! Let’s go over some features of each coating in the debate of polyurea floor coating vs. epoxy.

Installation and Cure Times 

Typical epoxy flooring can take anywhere between six and eight days to fully install and cure for the safe use of the space. Polyurea takes only one day to install and cure and is then ready to be used! This is due to its quick setting and drying abilities thanks to its chemical makeup.  

What maintenance needs to be done?  

When dealing with epoxy floor coating, you will need to go in and repair cracks quite frequently due to high usage, drop damage, and more. With Polyurea, your garage is set for life. No recoating, no touch-ups, and after we install it, you are good to go for the life of your home.  

Are they UV protected from fading and cracking? 

Epoxy itself is not UV protected, and overtime, it will begin to yellow, fade, break down, and even become chalky which can be a big eyesore as well as become much less resistant to damage. Polyurea is 100% UV protected and will never breakdown or crack from UV rays shining in your garage, on your patio, or wherever your floor coating is. Epoxy cannot even be used outdoors while Polyurea is very commonly used to seal patios to increase their life span and provide a decorative appeal.  

For more information about the debate of polyurea floor coating vs. epoxy, check out our chat or contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to provide you with more information!